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Safety Anti Overflow Devices (Float Switches) for an air handler, evaporator cooling coil or 90%+ condensing furnace are a recent building code requirement. It's purpose is home safety: in the event your equipment should leak water due to a malfunctioning of the drain system, the water will be caught in the pan and drained away through a secondary drain line. If in the event of a blockage of the secondary drain line, the float switch shuts off the control power to the unit responsible for producing condensation (water).This will keep the water from draining onto the ceiling below. It is now required by code that the secondary drain pan be installed for all attic air conditioning, air handler or evaporator cooling coil and condensing furnace installations.

AquaGuard float switch systems are a real ceiling saver, protecting your structure from the damage of condensate overflow. The AG-1100 is an adjustable, high-amperage float switch that installs quickly and easily on just about any sheet metal secondary drain pan. All AquaGuard float switch systems are UL 508 listed.


  • Requires no maintenance.
  • Have drain lines checked with annual maintenance prior to useage each year.

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